BEZ TRANSFORMÁTORY a.s. Open Baltics’ Representative Office


BEZ TRANSFORMÁTORY a.s. has been manufacturing transformers for over 100 years with their Bratislava plant founded in 1902. Over the past 40 years, more than 230,000 transformers have been made and installed.

BEZ has a long-term cooperation with the Baltic countries. To facilitate and expedite this activity, the company opens a new representative office in this area.

Opening this office, we obviously raise the level of service, and now the client is free to dig into any technical details and discuss it directly with our technical experts located close to them and speaking their native languages.

Arūnas Jankauskas
Chief, Baltics’ Representative Office

BEZ produces the whole range of electrical equipment demanded across the Baltics market, and has a sufficient stock of final goods. Therefore, some products can be shipped to the customer on the date of order.

Please contact the Baltics Representative Office of BEZ Transformátory a.s.