BEZ TRANSFORMÁTORY signs contract with EAM Netz for the supply of transformers with ECOTAP®VPD® On-Load Tap-Changers


We proudly announce the extension of the contract with our important German client EAM Netz, a network operator securing the safe and reliable transport of electricity and gas in the states of Hesse, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Thuringia, and Rhineland-Palatinate.

EAM Netz has been responsible for energy deliveries to 1,4 million people over 90 years and can be recognized as one of the pioneers of the intelligent networks (Smart grids) operator securing safe and reliable energy supplies in the region.

The contract consists significant amount of delivery of Fluid immersed transformers of our ecoFIT² product family equipped with On-Load Tap-Changers ECOTAP®VPD® produced by Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR).

The connection of ECOTAP®VPD® solution with ecoFIT² transformers brings significant advantages to the grid operators and all end customers, and makes the grid more reliable and safer. The main benefits and features are following:

  • Change of transmission ratio during operation

In the past, transformers connected to medium voltage generally only had a de-energized tap-changer which allows a voltage adjustment only after the transformer has been switched off. This situation is beginning to change with the on-Load Tap-Changers ECOTAP®VPD®, which bring the possibility to modify the transmission ratio dynamically and therefore the voltages during operation, which has been standard for years in the case of high-voltage grids and supergrids the world over.

  • Compact dimensions

The compact dimensions of the tap-changer permit installation in virtually any power rating class of distribution transformers without any major changes to the footprint. This allows to replacement of the existing distribution transformers with voltage regulation distribution transformers without significant costs for upgrading the grid and building new substations.

  • Grid stability and reliability

The voltage regulation distribution transformers allow distribution grid operators to supply their customers with stable voltage regardless of the activities of the upstream grid operator.

  • Remote operation

The compact and robust control and voltage regulation of the tap-changer can be extended also with an additional module, which allows remote communication, advanced algorithms of regulation, or data logging.

  • Quick taps changing

The proven electro-mechanical principle of MR's vacuum technology ensures stable and reliable operation with quick responses to changing grid situations with up to 20 tap-change operations per minute

  • Suitable for renewables

Voltage regulation distribution transformers with on-Load Tap-Changers ECOTAP®VPD® have a very wide range of applications – can be used for public distribution grids, industrial applications, and also for generation units for renewable energy.

The ECOTAP®VPD® solution is fully compatible with all range of ecoFIT² transformers and ready for your projects.