Delivery of 12,5 MVA fluid immersed transformer for KLF-ENERGETIKA, a.s. from OMNIA HOLDING group

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At the turn of April and May, our company BEZ TRANSFORMÁTORY delivered two pieces of fluid immersed transformers with conservators designed for rated power of 12.5 MVA and a rated voltage of 22 kV for our customer KLF-ENERGETIKA, a.s.

KLF-ENERGETIKA, a.s. (part of OMNIA HOLDING group) is an important regional supplier of all types of energy and a provider of various services, especially to the industrial sector Dolných Kysúc.

The newly delivered transformers for the industrial area in Kysucké Nové Mesto are a continuation of the activity of the company KLF-ENERGETIKA, a.s. to support a stable supply of electricity for the entire industrial area, in which more than 40 companies operate. A stable supply of electricity for the site, where more than 800 people work, will support the future development of business in the region and economic growth in the Kysuce area.

Our installed transformers will not only ensure the stability of the operation, but also significantly reduce the operating costs thanks to minimal levels of losses, as the newly installed transformers meet all the loss reduction requirements of the EU Ecodesign 2 directive.

The success of BEZ TRANSFORMÁTORY in this project was based on the combination of the High quality and reliable products and of the flexible commercial conditions, such as long-term price fixation, leasing, and provided bank guarantees.

One of the most important activities of KLF-ENERGETIKA, a.s. is the distribution of electricity and therefore it was necessary to secure the entire contract from the point of view of parameters, terms, and price also according to the requirements of URSO.