Entering the Egyptian market


To enter the Egyptian market, the company BEZ TRANSFORMÁTORY, a.s. produced a dry power transformer with a rated power of 2000 kVA and a voltage level of 22 kV.

The transformer has undergone a full cycle of testing, production acceptance and implementation in the factory. Now the completion of type test and especially short circuit test in independent accredited laboratory is successfully done as well. The transformer is expected to be tested in the laboratory of the High Voltage Research Center, owned by the Egyptian Power Holding Company EEHC, in the presence of the EEHC engineers for acceptance of the equipment in the near future. Based on the results of the test operation, the company BEZ TRANSFORMÁTORY, a.s. will be able to tender for supplies to Egypt as a qualified supplier.

The Egyptian market is currently the most attractive in North Africa in terms of economic activity and demand for the transformers. The BEZ company has a sufficient level of competence to produce products that meet the requirements of the growing Egypt power grid.