Factory reconstruction - part II


The reconstruction of the production hall is ongoing these days. Full control of the input materials and in-house preparation of the key components of our transformers as magnetic cores and HV/LV coils remain the number one priority to keep the highest technical and quality and standards.

At the end of October, we finally received one of the last batches of winding machines from a total amount of 20 new winding machines from a Swiss producer. New winding machines of EFECO, FCCT, and WHD series are state-of-the-art products intended for both LV and HV winding for our epoxy casted and fluid immersed types, same as HV winding machine FHVT intended especially for our epoxy casted transformers.

New windings machines allow faster winding speeds than currently used types and the winding process is almost fully automatized. Thanks to this, the lead time of the transformers can be significantly reduced. New winding machines also allow the winding of wider coils which increases our power range offer.

All the machines operate effectively with input materials which helps to control sustainable production and reduce the carbon footprint, which are the goals we perceive as one the most important.

The next step is the installation of the new cutting line, which will double the production capacities of our in-house produced GOES magnetic cores for epoxy casted and fluid immersed transformers.

Picture source: https://www.tuboly-astronic.ch/
Picture source: https://www.tuboly-astronic.ch/