Finished goods warehouse


This offer covers the Standard Products, 50kVA to 2500kVA

Currently, the value of delivery time of transformers spikes. Almost all manufacturers has expanded the deadline due to the pandemic, related supply chain disruptions, supplier shutdowns, as well as logistics restrictions.

Therefore, the best delivery time can be ensured by the manufacturer that has transformers in their finished product stock. A rare company may have such a stock, and so they would not guarantee a prompt delivery to customers.

Due to the expansion of capacities at BEZ Transformer Factory a.s., it became possible to keep making transformers for current orders, but also to manufacture standard products for the stock. In the near future, about 80 transformers, 50kVA to 2500kVA, will be available for immediate order and shipment. The Sales Specialists are always ready to advice on the assortment to match the expectations of customers.

All transformers are preserved and kept at the heated warehouse facility, and ready to be shipped on the day of order.

Why cooperation with the manufacturer having a finished goods stock is beneficial?

  • Price Fixed

As a rule, materials & components are getting more expensive every month, therefore cost of transformer may go up. However, the prices for ready items are fixed at the time of opening orders for manufacturing.

  • Fast Replacement in case of urgent need

It is critical to obtain a ready-made transformer in case of urgent replacement. Nowadays, customers have no reserve stock, but standard transformers are always in stock at BEZ Transformer a.s.

  • Consignment Warehouses

In the future, BEZ Transformátory a.s. plans to expand their inventory, and arrange consignment warehouses for large customers. If your company has such a need, we are waiting for your suggestions on types of transformers that you would like to see in stock.