Transformers for photovoltaic applications


We proudly announce the official launch of a transformer designed directly for photovoltaic applications. Liquid immersed transformers aTUOHn up to 4 000 kVA fulfilling ECO design 2021 requirements of classes AA0Ak max. are now part of our standard portfolio.

BEZ aTUOHn fluid immersed transformers are specially designed for photovoltaic applications due to the additional electrostatic shielding between HV and LV winding and the increased performance against harmonic distortion (THD) occurring in these types of applications.

Other features characterizing these transformers are resistance to significant load changes; Optional biodegradable synthetic and natural ester oils; Up to 8 secondary terminals; Monitoring functions thanks to available detection, measurement, and control relay which combines 4 different safety functions into a single, compact and solid device (temperature, pressure, oil level, and presence of gas).

Do not hesitate to ask our sales representatives for more portfolio details. Our development team is ready to prepare also tailor-made solutions for your project. Fully customizable solutions of liquid immersed transformers are the keys to successful projects and long operation life with minimalized operation costs.

Incoming aTUOHn transformers will become part of our newly prepared product lines. Stay tuned for more information about our new product lines.