Hermetically sealed distribution transformers up to 3150 kVA

Hermetically sealed distribution transformers up to 3150 kVA


The long-term efforts of European Union to reduce transformer loss and emissions are completed in May 2014 by publishing EU Commission Regulation 2019/1783 (548/2014).

BEZ offers Ecodesign Liquid-filled Transformers that meet the requirements of No-Load and Short Circuit Loss im-posed by the new Regulation.

EU Commission Regulation 548/2014 defines maximum No-Load and Short Circuit Loss. This Regulation applies to transformers in the market or commissioned in EU after publishing the Regulation, of which Tier 1 begins on 1 July 2015, and Tier 2 is expected on 1 July 2021 (EU Commission Regulation 2019/1783).

Technical data

Note: Total Loss for BEZ Oil-Filled Transformers, Rated Power 1000 kVA


AAoAk (Ecodesign Tier 2)

Energy Efficient (average total loss 28% less than CoCk) Low Operating Costs, Eco-friendly.

Compared to standard transformers, Ecodesign transformers have lower total loss. This means that they have lower operating costs, which converts into significant cost savings throughout equipment service life.


(Ecodesign Tier 2)


Rated Power, kVA



No-Load Loss, W



Short Circuit Loss, W



Loss Cost, € per year



Note: operating costs for BEZ Oil-Filled Transformers for 30 years subject to electricity cost 0.16 Euro per 1 kWh, and transformer load factor of 0.7; 1 kWh equals to 0.513 kg of CO2

  • Total Savings €76 864 ≈ 5 x Price
  • Saving on  CO2 emissions 246 Ton (480 MWh)
  • Payback term in favor of more energy-efficient transformer, due to price difference: 2 years