Power transformers up to 16 MVA

Power transformers up to 16 MVA


BEZ oil-immersed transformers are a proven and reliable product ensuring a long lifecycle and continuous energy supply in the power grid. Our state-of-the-art oil-filled transformers are being produced hermetically sealed or equipped with an oil conservator. It has become a standard, however, to use the advanced features of the hermetically sealed transformers. The oil is fully separated from the surrounding air making periodic oil analysis obsolete.

The selected cooling medium is based on the technological and environmental requirements and includes the options for mineral oil, silicone oil, or the ecological dielectric medium for installations in areas sensitive to environmental limitations such as water reservoirs.

We comply with the Ecodesign EU directive 548/2014.

Technical Data

Parameter Rating
Power  4  kVA - 16 MVA
Rated voltage up to 35 kV
Phases 3
Frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Voltage regulation off-circuit, or on-load tap changer (OLTC)
Optional indoor / out door / very low losses