In 2022 BEZ Transformatory celebrated its 120th birthday since the day of foundation. It is a long period for an enterprise and time for big changes. The factory is fundamentally rearranging on the inside, reconsidering approach to customers and employees, reviving set of colors and changing the logo.

For many years, the recognizable symbol of the factory was a blue logo with the name of the company surrounded by lightning bolts, it is a reference to the electric current, with which the entire line of our equipment is connected.

When we started the reconstruction process and renewed approaches to customers, we realized that the whole factory changed very much, it became more modern. We got new employees who added a new view on old things to a factory with history, and we ourselves became more adventurous and determined. We understood that the identity should not be behind internal transformations too, it should reflect them. This is how we came to the point where, for the first time in many years, we changed the logo that has become near and dear. In a new one we showed the desire to change, stay ahead of trends, while not breaking away from the ground, not parting with our roots.

Robert Hornáček
CEO of BEZ Transformatory

In a new logo, we express factory changes that have happened over the past few years: stability, reliability and high quality of products. At the same time, we emphasized modernity, flexibility and renovation of not only the enterprise itself but also methods to develop, implement and subsequent maintain of our products. On the way of changes and reformations, it is important to keep and increase the main thing – customers who trust us and come back with new projects. We work with some enterprises for several decades and it is possible only because we carry out scheduled audit, find trouble spots and rearrange processes not for catching up with the market but for setting high quality standards.

BEZ Transformatory stands for loyalty to the historical heritage, the continuity of generations and the transfer of experience, as well as the unconditional quality of products and services. All this is contained in the company's DNA and has become a kind of calling card, so it was important for us to keep the meanings while updating the company.

In the new logo, we conveyed solidity, reliability and strength, while not losing lightness and dynamism. The company has a strong foundation of experience and developments, we do not forget about it and build new success, develop modern solutions and achievements of the company based on it.

We made a reference to the historical context, we added an inscription under the logo that the plant has been producing equipment since 1902. The shape of the logo is vaguely reminiscent of a seal, this is a way to mark products and distinguish them from others, which was common more than a century ago. It is now almost never used, but the image itself is closely related to quality assurance and the readiness of the enterprise to be responsible for the reliability of the products it produces and marks.

We emphasized the inseparable connection and continuity of the present and the past, so we did not radically change the brand color, only slightly refreshed it and added depth. The updated version has less visual noise and distractions, and one of the logo usages allows a three-letter BEZ abbreviation for simplified branding and memorability.

Updating the brand and logo is always a story ahead of time, it reflects the processes already running, and shows the focus of what the company is striving to achieve. For BEZ, this is a story with an evolutionary approach to change, when there is an opportunity and resources to maintain successful practices, but, thanks to a new impulse, to multiply and develop the effect of process and enterprise restructuring.