BEZ Transformers

BEZ Transformers provides innovative solutions for all segments of the electrical network

With over 100 years of world wide experience, BEZ TRANSFORMATORY, based in Bratislava, the Slovak Republic, ambitiously works to design, manufacture and maintain the highest quality and flawless functionality of our distribution transformers. The vast know-how ensures the reliability of the transformers in a wide range of applications and environmental conditions.

Our transformers are custom designed to fulfill their specific usage requirements such as the delicate conditions of a nuclear power plant, the specifics of a hydro power plant, or the requirements of solar and wind park.

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A unique blend of reliable equipment, industrial expertise, timely and quality services create the milestone of our global success.

Facts and Figures

Annual production capacity
Our current capacity is set to 4000 transformers (3000 oil-filled, 1000 cast-resin) per year. This capacity can be increased by approx. 1000 units.


Production space
The overall floor space of 26.500m² is used up by production (17.500m²), storage (6.700m²) and logistics (2.300m²). Additional space is available in our older storage halls if needed. Unused storage space in Bratislava can currently be rented, please ask for a quotation.


Office space
Additional 1.349 m² are used as office space which is situated in our 4 story office building.


Employee count
Out of the 259 employees, 141 are blue collar and 118 white collar with a stunning number of 45 electro technical engineers.

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Most of our clients are situated abroad. Over 80% of our production is exported. We are a national market leader and a significant regional producer.


The timeline of BEZ TRANSFORMATORY reaches some 100-years back into transformer history. The production in the Bratislava-based factory began in 1902. During the last 40 years more than 230 000 transformers have been manufactured and installed. A great number of the transformers operate flawlessly until today. Since 1997 BEZ TRANSFORMATORY is a proud member of the International BEZ Group. The privately owned International BEZ Group, based in Bratislava, the Slovak Republic is a transformer power house in central Europe. The holding company combines a significant amount of transformer knowledge and expertise of some of the most respected and renowned European producers and service companies of small, medium and large power transformers in one group.

Quality and certificates

The quality of our products is based mainly on thorough research and development as well as on precise work and attention to detailed compliance with all processes from the initial inspection of materials to the control of proper packaging and transport. A significant addition to our know-how was created by synergy with ETD TRANSFORMATORY, which became a member of the holding in 2008. BEZ works in accordance with the strictest standards of the European Union and implements:

  • Quality management system EN ISO 9001: 2016
  • Environmental management system EN ISO 14001: 2016
  • Occupational health and safety management system STN ISO 45001: 2019
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