We are introducing new product line ecoFIT²

ECO - represents conformity to Ecodesing standard, same as our Copany ecological vision to reduce carbon footprint

FIT is a shortcut for “fluid immersed transformers“. Besides standard mineral oil, our transformers can be filled with biodegradable synthetic and natural esters fluids. FIT as a word also refers to things in great quality and shape thanks to continuous improvements – the same as our transformers.

Number 2 represents Tier 2 of EcoDesign of transformers

Advanced Ecological fluid immersed transformer

The transformers fulfill all requirements of application from the heavy industry up to renewables:

  • Resistance to significant load changes
  • Ecodesign 2
  • High temperature endurance
  • Possibility of higher harmonic loading (THD – total harmonic distortion)
  • Ambient temperature from -50 °С to +50 °С (deserts or arctics)
  • Up to 8 secondary terminals
  • Low noise level
  • On load voltage regulation (OLTC)
  • Monitoring functions
  • Biodegradable synthetic and natural ester fluids
  • Seismic and vibration endurance
  • Corrosive protection C5M available
  • KNAN cooling ready
  • Compact dimensions while keeping losses to a minimum

ecoFIT² is suitable for following applications photovoltaic, light and heavy industry, commercials and residentials buildings, distribution systems, wind turbines, power grids, gas and oil, e-mobility, smart grids

ecoFIT² product line contain following reference types : aTOHn, TOHn, aTUOHn, TUOH